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I wanted to publish some content in a place that I own.


In the past, to host your content you would need to have your own server, (or, later, to rent a server) where you would run a web server like Apache.

Maybe you would be using Wordpress (or a similar CMS), which I’ve used in the past. WordPress has a database, and a lot of code, and plugins, and an admin console. You have to keep the software up to date to avoid vulnerabilities. If you enable comments, you will get spam, and have to moderate. It’s such a hassle and unnecessary bloating.

But this is not necessary anymore! In the modern world, we can be serverless and even avoid having any code at all!

To run this blog, I followed the steps described here; in short, using a few AWS services (CloudFront, Route 53, S3) plus a Hugo theme, I get to offer my own content, for very little cost1, following the open web model, and without attacking my readers with adware, bloated downloads, etc.

  1. Cost depends entirely on actual usage, which, let’s face it, will be infinitesimally low. ↩︎