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It turns out it’s quite simple nowadays to put a blog online, particularly if you expect it to have close to zero traffic like this one.

In my case I have an MSDN subscription which handily includes some Azure credits that you can use to run VMs or websites. A shared Azure website is currently running for ~10/month, but you can also go with the Free tier if you don’t mind staying in You can learn more about Azure Websites with Scott. I think it’s a great choice for a personal blog: you don’t have to fiddle around with anything, the Azure DevOps team handles the infrastructure, and you just have to add the content.

Azure has a gallery of preinstalled websites that you can choose from. I went with WordPress because apparently half the blogosphere runs on it. Someone even wrote about themes for programmers on WordPress, so I picked Responsive, changed some colors to the Solarized palette, added some content, bought, redirected it to and that’s about it – zero friction blogging. In fact the worst thing is waiting for those DNS records to propagate.


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